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Bestway 58093 type I filter flowclear Cartridge - 4 x (twinpack)


Bestway 58093 SIZE 1 Filter Cartridge Twin Pack 3.1 x 3.5-inch For bestway pump 58381

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Bestway 58093 SIZE 1 Filter Cartridge  3.1 x 3.5-inch For bestway pump 58381

  • Filter cartridge size I, 3.1 x 3.5 Inch

  • Ensures that filter pump runs more efficiently

  • Compatible with 300/330 gal/h (220-240 V) filter pumps

  • Should be replaced every 2-3 weeks

  • Insert card dimensions: Length: 18 cm, width: 16 cm

It’s recommended that you change your filter cartridge at least every two weeks during periods of prolonged use.

Package Contains :

8pc Bestway 58093 SIZE 1

Safety Information:   Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years

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Bestway 58093 type I filter flowclear Cartridge  - 4 x (twinpack)

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