General provisions

Our goal is to offer you services in relation to which you can be sure that your data provided to us will not be disclosed to third parties. You entrust us with your personal data, and we protect it in compliance with legal regulations. This obligation is natural for the protection of your data.

Iris respects the users' right to privacy. He takes care, with special care, for the protection of their personal data and applies appropriate technological solutions to prevent interference with the privacy of third party users.

We would like every Internet user using our services and visiting our websites to feel completely safe, hence the registration and logging systems introduced. After registering, the user gains access to all services of fair trade price

Registration is not obligatory, however, skipping the registration or SignUp phase (creating an account) will prevent you from taking full advantage of all the services offered by fair trade price .

1. Registration, personal data

During registration, you must provide personal data, such as: name and surname, gender, login and password, accept the regulations (in accordance with the currently applicable Personal Data Protection Act,) acceptance is consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of fair trade price  necessary for using most of the swim-pool websites.

After logging in, you should also mark in the settings, if it is provided, or if you are interested in receiving information about services and websites. In addition to the registration form, users' personal data may be collected when providing other services or organizing competitions on the portal's pages.

We process your data, with your consent, for the purposes of, inter alia, sending promotional and informational materials, offering products, market and public opinion research. These data help us to determine the preferences of users, and thus - improve the offer addressed to them. We also use user information to organize promotions and competitions more efficiently. Knowing who they are to be addressed to, it is easier to define their final formula and shape.

swim-poo;  informs that it is the administrator of personal data processed as part of the portal, unless the data is processed as part of websites maintained for other entities - in this case, swim-pool only provides services to administrators in the field of data processing.

2. Cookies

Another way of collecting information about users is the use of the "cookies" mechanism.

Cookies are small text pieces of information that are saved by your web browser on your computer's hard drive. Anonymous data about the pages you browse will be stored there, so that you can "recognize" when you connect again. We use cookies to remember information about users.

We recognize them to find out who they are, what information they need and are looking for on our sites. Knowing which websites they visit more often than others, we can become a much more interesting and richer portal for them than before. It is the users who give us the knowledge about the direction in which to develop existing websites, what requirements we still have to meet, what to supplement, what to create a new one to meet their expectations and needs.

Thus, when using , the users themselves decide about its future shape. Cookies are set at the "entry" and "exit" of the website. They do not in any way damage the system on the user's computer or affect its operation. Each browser has an option to disable this mechanism, which we inform about. However, it is worth remembering, when using profiled swim-pool websites, or adjusting the appearance and content of the website to your needs, that it is cookies that decide about remembering your own settings.

3. Right to information

Should you have any questions regarding the information collected, please send an e-mail to:

Upon request, swim-pool will inform you in writing, in accordance with applicable law, whether and what personal data of you are collected with us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

4. Unwanted content

There is no place on our websites for content that is contrary to Polish and international law, or that incites racial, religious or ethnic hatred. On websites you will not find pornography, content that is morally reprehensible and generally considered unethical.

5. Data security

Fair trade price ensures technical and organizational security so that your data managed by us is protected against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, damage or access by unauthorized persons.

The security measures we take will be constantly improved in line with technological progress. Irys cannot be held responsible for the actual process of data transmission via the Internet.

6. Tips

Seems obvious, but remember that:

     When you use one computer together with other users, after you finish using websites, to which you need to log in - log out or "exit" from your settings, so that no one can see them;
     Only you and swim-pool know the data provided by you during registration. On our part, we guarantee that they will not be disclosed to anyone, and you should also be careful in disclosing them to third parties;
     Many people who use the web will want to get information about you from you and use it against you or others. They may do it for profit or just think they are having fun, so be careful.

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