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Intex 26670 Chlorinator Chlorine Generator



A chlorine generator helps keep the pool water clean. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is add regular non-iodized table salt to the water in your pool. By passing through the generator, natural, harmless chlorine will be produced. Additionally, ions will be produced that kill bacteria and algae. The chlorine generator is supplemented with ozone, which cleans and refreshes it. Thanks to this double effect, the water in the pool will be crystal clear and safe even for small children. The set includes electric cables and hoses. The device fits hoses with a diameter of 32mm or 38mm. The generator can produce 12 grams of chlorine per hour.

Brand: Intex

Model: 26670

Requires pump: 2650-11355l / h

Max. pool capacity: 56800 l

The set includes reductions Ø32 mm -> Ø38 mm

Product is provided with a European  plug for the United Kingdom market   you need buy socket converter ( 220/240v-50 Hz)  Adapter are not included

★ ★ ★  Make this summer  wonderful experiences  ★ ★ 

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Intex 26670 Chlorinator Chlorine Generator

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